development #1









Development Journal #1



Pilot Research

Sep. - Oct. 2017

Initiate e-waste research

How to investigate the topic 'e-waste' for my artwork?

To begin with, I started extensive research about e-waste and artistic practices related to this subject.

e-waste research mindmap see bigger image 🔗



Collecting materials

Oct. 2017 -

I posted on a local facebook group that I' m looking for e-waste.

Luckily, someone who lives in the city center contacted me that he wants to give away his e-waste. So I got two full boxes of e-waste from him.

collecting e-waste

a bike for transport, several big and sturdy bags, and rope

I got lots of random e-waste from wires and computer parts to broken smartphones and digital cameras.

In the meantime, my colleagues also brought me e-waste whenever they found it somewhere.

From time to time, I could pick up several e-waste such as broken computer parts in the trash can or random places around my college.

A colleague of mine gave me a bunch of old floppy disks she found at her parents' house.




Nov. 2017

What kind of e-waste in my collection?

e-waste collection
  • computer keyboard
  • motherboard
  • hard disk
  • ram
  • computer fan
  • smartphone
  • wire
  • dvd/cd rom
  • boiler component
  • ethernet adapter
  • floppy disk (133mm)
  • floppy disk (90mm)
  • air conditional component
  • computer mouse
  • remote controller
  • scanner
  • dc/ac adapter
  • converter
  • charger
  • cable
  • speaker
  • earphones
  • motor
  • digital camera
  • navigator
  • screen
  • unknown circuit board
  • and so on

How do they look?

  • Most parts are broken and dead.
  • Some stuff can still work (completely or unstably) - e.g., power adapter, wires, computer fans
  • Lots of dust on them.
  • Broken parts are very sharp.
  • Components assembled and glued with chemicals, so without covers, I can feel its toxicity by smell and touch.
  • So many small components are glued and soldered on each circuit board.
  • Composed of lots of metals.
  • Also with plastics (its container and covers)
  • Several recognizable components on the circuit board:
    LED, resistor, capacitor, chip, battery, camera lens, motor, button, switch, diode, socket for cables, etc.



Tinkering with e-waste

Dec. 2017

I started to tinker with the materials (e-waste).

Idea : Short lifespan of electronics
- newly born and thrown away

  • The AI and new robot, new digital devices come out on markets continually; however, as much of old electronics are abandoned as a result.
  • An outdated robot composed of e-waste, which is the future of new AI robot.

The Future, Outdated

An installation composed of electronic waste came out as a result. It was exhibited at Orbit Fest, in December 2017.

the future, outdated go to see more 🔗

An installation composed with electronic wastes.
It looks like an outdated, abandoned and useless robot, once had been considered as our future.
Meanwhile, it can be the future of newly-born robot which will be discarded soon after.